AdvisorFlo- Financial Services

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Drive teamwork and uniform client experiences

Challenge:  Advisor team unable to achieve efficiency and consistency in delivery of a uniform client experience

Solution:  Integration of a suite of service process managmeent workflows with automated handoffs and process collaboration features

Result:  Team was able to reduce re-work and waiting in client onboarding and service processes and 40% faster execution times

Achieving a best in class client service experience requires a consistently managed process and focus on collaborative improvement.

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Successfully delivers the tools advisors want without the added risk or expense

flexible to drive advisor adoption

Challenge: Weary of low adoption rates after high expense of time and money to offer new tools

Solution: The Tritelic iOP Marketing Business Solution interface with flexible technical capabilities to suit the needs of all advisors, compliance workflows to ensure a regulatory aware experience and the internal controls to limit unnecessary license expense for end users.

Result:  High adoption rates of system, advisor satisfaction and ability to achieve digital marketing goals


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