Advisory Team re-defines collaboration in client management

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Successfully integrates systems to connect team and drive more real time client experiences

Drive teamwork and uniform client experiences

Challenge:  Advisor team unable to achieve efficiency and consistency in delivery of a uniform client experience

Solution:  Integration of a suite of service process managmeent workflows with automated handoffs and process collaboration features

Result:  Team was able to reduce re-work and waiting in client onboarding and service processes and 40% faster execution times

Achieving a best in class client service experience requires a consistently managed process and focus on collaborative improvement.

Lean Digital Transformation

A group of financial advisors were not on the same page with their sales assistants and clients in terms of what work to do, how to ensure the commited service and onboarding processes were executied with quality and making sure everyone on the team was on the same page.  Managing new client on-boarding processes, dealing with inbound client requests, managing basic serivce plans for exiesint clients, submitting requrests for business approvals regulated by FINRA and getting the support of marketing and compliance personnel was createing a great deal of "operational distraction".  The team wanted to grow their business but had been unable to find a solution with CRM, CMS, and vendors that effectively slowed down their ability to get the work done.

The Trutelic Implementation approach...

  1. Brainstormed with the team on the best way to deliver services to clients based on how they were sold.  Mapped out the various processes, the people involved, and the system needs to support. 
  2. Mock-Up what the new system would look like visually to help confirm the final product would not be clunky
  3. Prototyped the solution in a sandbox to enable the group to touch and feel the product
  4. Piloted the solution to confirm the workflows, project plans, and collaborative features would meet the expectations of the organization
  5. Deployed the final product and trained everyone to ensure full adoption.

The solution was offered within the Trutelic iOP where due to the flexibility in the user interface we were able to create and deploy all the necessary workflows for the client with regulatory controls to manage all the process approvals.  The team reduced time spent on these activities by upwards of 80% on a weekly basis.

The product enabled the client to gain better visibility on resource use, reduce unwanted waiting and rework from the key processes and manage their growth more effectively visa new client acquisitions and advosor team growth.