Broker Dealer Driving Revenue through Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management Optimization

Innovative approaches to knowledge and Access

Challenge: Create a single interface to drive knowledge management and connect approved partners and vendors with advisors

Solution: Developed a fully integrated knowledge managment interface to coordinate internal, partner, vendor and marketing resources.  All resources had unique approval and release workflows established to allow multiple users to participate in the process but ultimately ensure that the experience was quick and reliable for the advisors.

Result:  High adoption rates for the interface and the company was able to monetize the partner integration driving top line revenue

Using an innovative approach to drive knowledge management value within the company and provide access to strategic partners that can help drive revenue opportunities.

Lean Digital Transformation

An opportunity existing with an Independent Broker Dealer who was struggling to create an end-to-end knowledge management program for the enterprise.  The company had various home grown capabilities in satellite offices mixed with SharePoint and other dropbox resources that all had different resources.  The goal was to consolidate into a singular intranet platform to manage product resources, internal process documentation, professional development resources as awell as pre-approved resources that coudl be utilized for client service and advisor development.  

The Trutelic Implementation approach...

  1. Brainstormed with the broker dealer on the various knowledge management needs for the departments of the organization and how to best streamline the version controls, notifications, and accessability.
  2. Mocked-up a workflow and interface design to ensure the team visually could confirm the business needs would be met and interface wouldn't be clunky
  3. Prototyped the solution in a sandbox where the firm could upload documents, test the notificationa and ensure workflows were aligned with organizational policy
  4. Piloted the system with real examples to get use case testimonials that would help with deployment
  5. Deployed the product to the firm, migrated all documents, and trained employees on how to use

The solution was develped within the Trutelic iOP using the library and knowledge management resources to automate approval and library development for the product and other various internal resources that would be needed.  The partner portal allowed the product partners of the broker dealer upload their product materials and after approval from compoiance be presented into an easily searched and filtered interface for the advisors to share with client.  The resource library was also developed to allow the copmany to share their most recent training resources on practice management.  Lastly a content "pre-approved" library was developed with workflows that enable resources to be available to advisors with real time accessibility that stays compliance aware.  Where those pre-approved resources are changed there were automated re-approval processes steps to make sure the final products delivered to clients were tracked and remained regulatory friendly.

The value achieved with the new workflows and resources enabled the broker dealer to offer access to their integrated library to product partners that helped them get more exposure to the advisor base within the enterprise.  The additional integration of all content types within the knowledge management resource created an interface that became the singular resource all employees and advisors used for communications.  The workflows and version controls all enable the process to remain current and compliant over the long term in addition to creating a platform that could drive top line revenue growth for the firm.