Broker Dealer changes the digital marketing game

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Successfully delivers the tools advisors want without the added risk or expense

flexible to drive advisor adoption

Challenge: Weary of low adoption rates after high expense of time and money to offer new tools

Solution: The Tritelic iOP Marketing Business Solution interface with flexible technical capabilities to suit the needs of all advisors, compliance workflows to ensure a regulatory aware experience and the internal controls to limit unnecessary license expense for end users.

Result:  High adoption rates of system, advisor satisfaction and ability to achieve digital marketing goals

Successfully delivering on digital tools that help advisors manage their business while also keeping the enterprise compliance concerns under control.

Lean Digital Transformation

An opportunity existing with an Independent Broker Dealer who was struggling to capture value in various efforts to enable more digital publishing capabilities to their advisor groups.  The investments they had made with products that were not being adopted well across the organization and the minimum licensing commitments did not justify the expense.  Although the advisors had asked for these tools and customers seemed to be adopting these tools as viable communication channels the connection between the need and the business value was not objectively seen.  Moreover the compliance risks were too high to allow individuals to find their own mix of systems because it would potentially put an undue strain on an already very thinly resourced compliance and marketing team.  They needed a solution and the Trutelic iOP was able to deliver...

The Trutelic Implementation approach...

  1. Brainstormed with the broker dealer all the key process, system, and people needs to ensure advisor needs are met but also the marketing, compliance, and supervision groups.
  2. Mocked-up the visuals and workflows for the broker dealer to use in validating the end-user needs of their teams and advisors
  3. Prototyped the solution in a sandbox where they could use the workflows and test the functionality to ensure it met the organizational goals
  4. Piloted the product to drive early success stories and deliver any final enhancements before full scale rollout
  5. Deployed the final product for the organization including communications and training

The solution was develped within the Trutelic iOP with social, web and email compliance management framework that allowed the client to define the approval criteria for each channel.  In addition to this the workflows were enabled to flow the approval process from start to finish within the ame interface so the risk of approvals and publishing disconnects was eliminated.  Ultimately the integration of a publishing scheduler allowed the team to not only execute the approvals but then publish the materials across web, social and email channels with a planned schedule was achieved.

The value was the product allowed the organization to have flexibility on pricing and expense for the system, the advisors were able to configure the product to suit their unique business approaches and the company was able to reduce unnecessary licensing expenses for products that they had where end user customizations were not capable.