Broker Dealer drives growth through collaboration

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Collaboration to drive awareness and strategy

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Challenge: Create an agile interface to drive internal collaboration across teams and departments

Solution: Developed an integrated communications forum with public and private groups to enable a secure environment to collaborate on business opportunities.

Result:  Sales, Service, Marketing and Compliance groups aligned in purpose and vision with sharing to drive continuous improvement to bottom line results.

A unified team is best positioned to deal with the challenges of today, the opportunities of the future and a way to remain aware of the lessons from the past.

Lean Digital Transformation

The client was in need of an resource that could be used to manage internal communicatios between groups in a public and even private forum.  The intent was to enable groups in sales, marketing, service and operations to communicate with one another to help reduce confusion and drive more efficient opertions.  With the teams being able to better communicate and have ways to subscribe to active feeds, have a historical reference of these conversations and do it in a compliance friendly environment the teams should be able to open up and work collaboratively.  The business would hope to better leverage their scale to drive increased business efficiencies, sales production and service success. 

The Trutelic Implementation Approach...

  1. Brainstormed with the organization on the best way to drive collaboration between the teams including administrative roles to feed ideas
  2. Mocked-Up an interface and workflow design with the client to ensure the visual capabilities of the interface would drive engagement
  3. Prototyped the solution in a staging environment with working buttons and functionality
  4. Piloted the soluion with a project team to ensure they were able to get the notifications, subscriptions and other functionality
  5. Deployed the product and trained all employees on how to use

The solution was develped within the Trutelic iOP using the internal collaboration features of the product to establish focused forum concepts within the interface for the teams.  The groups were able to create categorical conversations with topics and even subscription feeds to help them stay on top of current comments by the forum power users.  In addition we enabled an Outlook integration to enable the participants to actively engage the conversation from email.  The confidential categories enable advisory council conversations to take place as a strategic effort to improve business results with key stakeholders.  With an ability to monitor the forum and even use it as a portal for the enterprise to communicate to the team the forum 

The company was able to connect the team and open up strategic communication channels between groups like never before.  Compliance forums allowed the sales and compliance users to collaborate and update each other on opportunities to improve the flow of work.  Ultimately the company was able to improve the flow of communications and also gain improved outcomes on work due to the processimprovement efforts achieved with this collaboration that previously never occurred.