Advisory group connects digital with client experience

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Co-Created Client Experiences drive Net Promoter Scores

Innovate the process and be best in class

Challenge: Develop a fully integrated contact management interface that manages marketing, sales and a co-created client service delivery that will drive referrals and help team grow.

Solution: Within two weeks had the interface created that enabled the team to manage seminar marketing concepts, manage the inbound leads with sales process workflow automation and ultimately kickoff service processes for the new clients.

Result:  Team achieved 60% efficiency gains from the use of one interface and also were able to reduce technology expenses by about 40% per user.

Clients are asking for more co-created experiences with their service professionals, the Digital Biz Hub delivers on all areas of the relationshiop starting at marketing and ending in client services.

Lean Digital Transformation

An opportunity for an adisory team existed because they wre finding it difficult to manage all the various activities for their clients due to the different CRM and project management systems.  They are using a process automation software (Asana) with a CRM (redtail) and a CMS (broadridge) for the various parts of the customer lifecycle but they found it hard to  connect the input and outcomes from all the systems together.  The objective of the team was to find a way to better coordinte the work but in a way that reduced the amount of system knowlege each person would need.  In additoin the client wanted to better understand how much time and work was going into the management of the entire process.  Ultimately being able to see the input to marketin, sales and service to better idenfity non-profitable working situations and be able to troubleshoot..  

The Trutelic Implementation approach...

  1. Brainstormed with the team what the best processes and workflows were to drive client satisfaction
  2. Mocked-up the workflow maps and interface designs to ensure the expected organizational needs and end user experience needs would be met
  3. Prototyped the solution in a sandbox with working buttons and interface functionality so they could experience the process
  4. Piloted the client experience process with some text clients to ensure the interface would deliver results and drive some case studies to promote adoption
  5. Deployed the product and trained all the end users on how to get the most value from their usage

The solution was developed within the current Trutelic iOP interface in two weeks including the API for email.  Each advisor within the team was able to utilize the key communication and marketing features they wanted to drive busienss results.  We standardized the working processes and enabled each end user to creat their own process standards based on how they do business.  Each interaction within the team was captures in the system using an embedded analytics process which allowed them to not only get all the work done but continuously improve the process as they went.

The team was able to improve working processes and drive more business leads.  they were able to create the content faster delivering a "real-time" experience.  With the process being managed in this way they achieved a 60% efficiency gain.  They were able to reduce fire drills with contacts and ultimately focus more time on delivering a best in class client experience.