Organization for a better Organization- Part 1 of 3

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I saw Mark Cuban speak recently, he emphasized a point, it’s one I’ve heard in the past but for some reason, today, it struck differently.  Mark says, "The next person I change, will be the first." His point, simply stated, the only way people make sustainable change, is when THEY make the decision to change.

With that in mind, one wonders why so many blogs, vlogs, tweets, etc. on self-help stuff exist?  Everyone is trying to solve the puzzle of the right actions to help individuals and organizations “get more organized” or “change for the better.” The answer for Trutelic is clear, we believe the ideas we share, along with the right systems and methodologies to support them, create an environment of sustainable success… but only when you’re ready!

 Many of the consistent and persistent struggles with change in individuals & organizations come from one of three key hurdles.

  1. The fear of change (the focus of this blog)
  2. Resistance to change
  3. Lack of value for change

In this part 1 of 3, we will deal with the fear of change and a proven approach to dealing with it consistently.  

A fear of change or reliance on the comfort of the status quo… 

  • One of the biggest challenges individuals and organizations face is change, it's more prevalent today than you know (and we know well change is inevitable) and may even be what’s holding you back from achieving optimal top and bottom line business results.
  • Many people don't think they are ready or capable to deal with change or even worthy of the results the change will bring. 
  • Others are so stuck in the status quo that they don’t think it’s possible for them to make the change so it’s a “nonstarter from jump street.”

These challenges are not unique to you and require a slight rework of the way change is perceived. It starts internally, most of us have said “we want to be more organized” or “I strive for continual improvement” but the how to do it sustainably it what seems to elude us. Start with your culture, both individually and organizationally; stated otherwise, change isn’t “a thing to do” but rather “it’s what we do”.  External consultants and coaches can help, but when we improve internally our self-talk goes from “I want to be more organized” to “I’ll do these 3 things to become more organized.” Then a reversion back to the ‘good old ways’ becomes entirely less likely. 

Change itself can be empowering, it can be the way you differentiate yourself from competitors you face each day and it becomes a part of your process that brings trust from your clients; that you’re prepared to deal with the reality of this dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.

It can start immediately, make the choice to change your actions and the improvements you seek are mere days from becoming who you are…

Follow these 5 steps to make the change permanent.

  1. Step 1:
    1. Identify WHY you want to improve your organizational skills? I mean really, really understand your Why. Why is that specific change important to you?  Does it ensure you get closer to being the person or professional you want to be? 
    2. It is the hardest part, but once you can identify the “WHY” you’re here doing the work you do, then all of the other pieces fall in line quickly
  2. Step 2. 
    1. Write down 3 areas of your business that benefit the most from your ability to change (as a result of internal or external influences).  What are the benefits of that change? Do they result in your ability to more effectively deliver on your “WHY.”
  3. Step 3
    1. What are the 3 limiters to challenge that change? (ex. Boss, assistant, systems, etc.) 
    2. List 1 capability that helps offset or defend against that limiter.
    3. Do the limiters and capabilities offset? Might there be something you need to adjust to weight things to manage change better.
  4. Step 4:
    1. Share your Why, along with the limiters and capabilities with a mentor (really do this, it helps…a lot!).  Have the discussion as a way to see how they might deal with these and what they do/did to create lasting success and improvement.
  5. Step 5
    1. Finally, what is 1 thing in your life that makes you great?

Write these on a single sheet of paper, with step 5’s answer written up top.  Monitor these each Monday morning for 4 weeks (it takes 21-28 days to form a habit) you will notice improvements rapidly and they will stick