Launch of the Partner Solutions Group

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Date:  August 11, 2017

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Launch of Trutelic, Inc. Partner Solutions Group

With great pleasure, Trutelic, Inc. is announcing the launch of the Partner Solutions Group.

The Trutelic Partner Solutions Group is responsible for working in tandem with the Client Solutions Group to develop an independent and comprehensive marketplace for specialized resources that will provide value to our growing client base.  

The goal of the Partner Solutions Group will be two fold:

  1. Develop innovative tools to enhance the value of the Trutelic Integrated Operating Platform for the growing user base across various financial and professional services industries.
  2. Establish partnerships with top tier associations, thought leaders, and service providers within our target industry segments who can offer and maintain the resources over time.

A quote from CEO, Jayven M. Rappa: “With the recent establishment of our Client Solutions Group and the direction of Colin Lake, it has become clear the investment in these technologies and relationships will bring tremendous value to our growing user base.  The success of this group will allow Trutelic, Inc. to create a more sustainable ecosystem, aligning with our long-term mission and vision.”

The Partner Solutions Group will develop and manage the following innovations:

  • Best Practices Program Library
    • Not just pdf and checklist downloads but actionable process templates of marketing, sales, and service best practices advocated by our partners.  Even more, these templates will have the capability to be maintained in real-time to ensure they stay aligned with changing competitive, regulatory and customer demands.
  • Content and Resource Library
    • A repository of product, service, tools, and knowledge resources enabling partners to keep their products in front of our user base and reducing the time and frustration of our users in trying to hunt down the things they need to run their business.
  • Products and Services Marketplace
    • A marketplace of product and service offerings from partners that is categorized and enables the vendor an ability to detail the offer, price points and visual examples to make the shopping process easier for our user base.
  • Workflow Support
    • A task level integration allowing content, supervisory and personal assistant freelancers an ability to manage or execute technical work for our users with automation.  This integration enabling our users to improve the quality and timeliness of their work at a fraction of the cost to hiring a full-time solution.  

About Trutelic, Inc. and the Partner Solutions Group:

Trutelic, Inc. is a business technology solutions firm that uses a proven business and technology expertise to create best in class operating platforms for the front office.  We specialize in working with financial and professional service organizations where the complexity of business, client, and regulatory challenges must be met to drive optimal value.

The Partner Solutions Group is responsible for developing the technology and managing the relationships with partners that will be integrated within the Trutelic Integrated Operating Platform. 

In addition to having access to the repository, the partners will get an ability to leverage additional marketing and growth based values from the program, offering a viable long-term partnership.

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