Business and Industry Solutions

Trutelic, Inc. is a strategic technology and services organization with proven expertise in delivering Lean Digital Transformations.  

We offer business and industry solutions that bring the power of Lean Digital Transformations down to the strategic needs you face.

Lean Business Solutions for Key Practice Areas

The Trutelic, Inc. Lean Digital Transformation is designed to fit the needs of your key practice areas that drive growth and profitability for key practice areas within your professional service organization, including...

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Lean Industry Solutions

The Trutelic, Inc. Lean Industry Solutions are pre-configured solutions including process and platform packages that serve as a starting point that greatly reduce the time and complexity of lean digital transformations.

  • AdvisorFlo (Financial Advisory Services)
  • AttorneyFlo (Legal Services)- Coming Soon
  • AgentFlo (Insurance Services)- Coming Soon
  • ConsultantFlo (Strategic Business Services)- Coming Soon

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