AdvisorFlo and Schwab Integration

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For Immediate Release

Date:  January 15, 2018

Trutelic, Inc. Announcing Schwab Integration for AdvisorFlo Digital Business Platform

Effective Immediately, Trutelic, Inc. is engaged in an integration partnership with Schwab to empower the AdvisorFlo Platform to manage end-to-end client relationships.  This integration represents a key step in enabling the AdvisorFlo Lean Digital Business Platform to achieve its vision of being the premier operating platform for RIA and Broker-Dealers in the Financial Services Industry. 

The Schwab integration will enable advisors to tie into the Schwab custodian platform and bring down relevant client data to the innovative AdvisorFlo contact card.  For client accounts, this integration will now empower advisors to not only have the heads up dashboard for client fulfillment and workflow activities, but now also the heads up detail on holdings, householding, and even contextual API capabilities like opening new accounts.  The integration approval is the first step in many new enhancements to the contact card that are sure to help AdvisorFlo become the premier platform for the industry.

For Advisors, the AdvisorFlo Platform offers:

  • A comprehensive and real-time practice management interface
  • Connect Marketing, Sales, Service and Supervisory actions and be significantly more productive
  • Leverage best practices and integrate key systems to scale and drive operational goals

For the Broker-Dealers and RIA Firms who support Advisors we offer:

  • A branded product to operationalize their ability to support practice management initiatives
  • Optimize support, marketing and compliance workflows to control costs and drive productivity
  • Provide best practices and coaching resources for advisors to drive client-centric growth

To learn more about the product see details on the Trutelic, Inc. website or go directly to the new product-centric website, built using our own technologies at

The name Trutelic, Inc.™ represents our vision, which is driving value through focused and purposeful actions.  Our best in class productivity management system offers daily priority recommendations driven by the key focus, deadlines, and objectives of your team.  It’s made more powerful by the integrated suite of functions that tie to and expand the capabilities of your existing systems and resources.  It’s a best-in-class platform due to the intelligent continuous improvement and process modeling capabilities that allow it to work over the long term to drive value in the constant face of market and regulatory change


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