About Us

We are Passionate About Empowering Businesses to Leverage Technology to Drive Top-Line Performance with a LEAN focus on the Bottom Line.

About us:
We are a unique organization of Consultants, Lean Six Sigma Practitioners, and Project Management Professionals with more than 30 years of experience helping companies achieve business goals.  We are a comprehensive solutions company working with clients who are in startup, growth or renewal phases of their business lifecycle.

Our team has a history of developing powerful, people focused solutions designed to connect the operational needs of the organization with the dynamic needs of the customers they serve.  We utilize a LEAN approach to the process to ensure the technology we deliver is fit for the organizational culture of the company and has all the unique functionalities that will help it drive best in class business results.  We are effectively an outsourced group of Product Directors, Business Analysts, and Technology team that can serve as your remote team or be a compliment to an existing team focused on a new business initiative.

Our Technology:

  • The TrutelicOS- a comprehensive operating platform to drive marketing, sales, and servicing strategies for target customers.  
  • The Recommended Day interface- a best in class practice and process management interface that leverages all the capabilities of the TrutelicOS to help teams optimize their workday to stay focused on new business generation.  
    • Additionally, the interface drives significant levels of productivity savings from support, marketing, supervision, and compliance staff.  
    • Lastly, the interface is designed with unique characteristics that will bring an end-to-end capability to support any internal or regulatory auditing requirements of your firm.
  • The Athena Business Cloud -  a big data interface that leverages machine learning to offer proactive insights and process improvement recommendations to drive more leads, convert more sales, retain more customers and drive more organic growth from existing customers and referral partners.  
    • Additionally, the Athena cloud will offer programmatic process performance and best practices ensuring the every user in the interface is optimizing their use of the product.  

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive business solution that is effective at supporting the unique needs of your business.  No matter if your launching a new product, growing and scaling or seeking to sustain and continuously improve LEAN management system implementations we are your partner to drive results!