The Recommended Day™

The Recommended Day™ is a best-in-class productivity interface to execute key tactical strategies of your client relationships.  

This an integrated  software-assistant put on the front-end of the powerful Trutelic iOP™, which delivers transformational value.

A Productivity and Effectiveness Manager

The Recommended Day™ is an intelligent  productivity manager that creates recommendations for the right daily "work plan" for every individual in the firm.  This unique interface is capable of  tailoring strategic plans to fit the unique needs of each person.  It coordinates all the key tasks, utilizing our breakthrough  DEMO approach...

  • Design (the strategy)
  • Execute (the work)
  • Manage (the performance)
  • Optimize (the results)

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Design the interface to fit the unique characteristics of your firm or individual level business plans

The Recommended Day™ platform  comes with a unique suite of features and workflow functionalities  that can be leveraged to extend your existing systems and best practices.  

  • Marketing Programs
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Service Programs
  • Operations and Supervision

and more...

Execute the work tasks with the team, ensuring the right people are doing the right jobs.

The Recommended Day™ is designed to make collaboration easy so you create "FLO" within the team

  • Automated daily task recommendations
  • Easy execution or re-assignment capabilities
  • Single click to action functions to get the work done
  • Real-Time view on today's most important objectives

and more...

Manage the work performance in real-time, improving employee and customer experience

The Recommended Day™ platform  enables the team to always know where things are, reducing fire drills, confusion and re-work

  • Real-time submittal status updates
  • Task ownership and execution tracking
  • Timeliness and effectiveness metrics to keep strategies on track
  • Process auditing and reporting capabilities

and more...

Optimize the working effort over time to keep getting better every day

The Recommended Day™ platform  enables the team to always understand what is driving wasted effort and how to fix it

  • Real-time  plan vs. actual 
  • Process drill downs to understand dependencies
  • Planned vs. unplanned work assessment to improve standard work
  • Process auditing and reporting capabilities

and more...