LEAN Digital Business System

Building Lasting Client Relationships has a lot of moving parts!  However, without a leading business management system, those parts aren't integrated or easily adaptable to ever-changing business and client needs.  This not only limits innovation but may increase annual technology expenses by 40%, and can also decrease productivity by as much as 80%.  

Leveraging the TruLogic Methodology and a Lean Digital Transformations will Empower you to break "Out of the Box"!

TruLogic diagram represents the ideal state of the Lean Digital Business.  Leveraging Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Agile business methodologies to drive scalable and value-focused client experiences.

  • Tie People, Process, and Systems to Continual Improvement
  • Enable systematic methods to Market, Sell, and Serve clients
  • Eliminate DOWNTIME in overlaps of the client experience
  • Focus the organization on driving VALUE

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Lean Digital Transformations involve  a 5-part approach to tailor the right mix of strategy, process, and business systems to drive innovation.  Empowering you to  break every phase of your client relationships, "out of the box", including...

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Trutelic offers both the cutting edge technology and the expertise to deliver a  tailored platform that drives innovation!

Lean Digital Transformation Assessment and Reflective Innovation™

  • Map Current Process and Data Flow - Visualize the current client experience and value creation roadmap from marketing to service
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Define key data and service value objectives at each phase of the client experience
  • Legacy Systems and Best Practices - Identify the current systems, roles, and approaches used to deliver value to the client
  • Strategic Process Testing - Monitor the strategic processes to develop tactical roadmaps for key moments i the client experience
  • What Should Be Happening vs. What's Actually Happening - based on results of strategic process testing we work to confirm KPIs
  • Define Future State - Based on benchmarking and client goals we define future state and strategic actions to get there

Visualize the end-to-end process and data flow of your value creation process

  • Value Stream Mapping the Client Experience - Define the data and material flow for each process point of your client experience
  • Define Inputs and Key Output - assess what forms, content, resources, support, supervision, and operational tasks are needed
  • Identify the Flow of Data and Information - define what data is created at each process point and how it needs to flow through the experience
  • Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - with feedback from management and staff we align on pulse points that will drive the desired experience
  • Validate and Modify the Map with Feedback - Review the visual maps as a team to test and validate the optimal experience map has been met
  • Deliver a Printed Map - based on the pilot program we update the map to ensure a visual product is available to team

Connecting the legacy systems, resources, and content to support the Lean Digital Management System

  • Core Interface - tie legacy systems with single sign-on to deliver a seamless experience for everyone in the organization
  • Integrated Features - Where possible improve interface with integrated features and single click capabilities
  • API Maintenance - where API are needed to connect legacy systems we work with your IT group to maintain security and functionality
  • Content and Data Migrations- We will map and segment key data from legacy systems to ensure connectivity from legacy approaches
  • Dedicated Support - we can work with dedicated support staff your on-site administrators can access as they need

Break down the Silos in process and Technology to create a Lean Digital Management System

  • Assess the existing bottlenecks - We perform an end-to-end process analysis to remove waiting, re-work, or defects from the value creation process
  • Define the Standards to Drive the Experience - Work to define the standard operating procedures that guide cross-functional teamwork and collaboration 
  • Map the Key support and supervisory needs - Develop workflow maps and triggers to support teamwork standards and create process visibility
  • Training and Technology - Develop the training resources to drive adoption and sustainability with the team
  • Coaching and Support - once development and configuration is done we work to coach organizational change

Hosting, Coaching, and Support of your new Lean Digital Business

  • Core Platform Hosting - We host the product on the cloud with best in class security and connectivity protocol
  • Website Hosting - We host and service websites to ensure servers and experience times are optimized to industry standards
  • System Maintenance - We perform monthly maintenance to platform and content management systems to adapt to security and usage best practices
  • Enhancements and Extensions  - We work quarterly to implement new features and enhancements driven by client requests
  • Strategic Services and Support - We offer strategic green and black belt services for clients who want to continue on their Lean journey