Beacon Content Management System

Engage: Responsive, Multi-channel Communications platform


Top small businesses who use marketing automation to connect with customers.


Mobile calls to service providers due to mobile search landing pages.


Twitter and Facebook users who get news from those social media sites.


Consumers use email daily with 3x higher conversion than social media.

Engage: Clients & Prospects

Includes Connect plus Engage: a best-in-class compliant brand management module for digital communications.

  • Contact relationship management
  • Social media management
  • Blog and responsive website management
  • Email & newsletter management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Web, Social & Email Archiving
  • Comprehensive compliance controls including pre,post-review and review & release.

Digital marketing in a snap

  • No more fragmentation - only integrated platform that offers web, social media and email tools
  • Speed up approvals - Outbound communications are executed in real-time
  • Grow the business - solves prevalent problem - how to generate leads from online activities
  • More growth! - new ways via search engine optimization and multi-channel reach
  • Best in class - full digital integration capabilities with lower maintenance expense
  • Improve quality - one system vs. many lowers costs, saves money, time and improves quality of communications
For internal and outreach programs
  • Post to your multiple social media accounts with a single click
  • Connects to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; available based on your firm’s compliance policy
  • Settings available for pre-approval and post-review compliance requirements
  • Responsive website system that instantly adapts to fit the visitor’s device whether phone, tablet, PC and wide screens
  • Professionally designed templates to choose from that can be personalized; includes the latest best practices in web development
  • Supports SEO keywords and rich media including videos, galleries and events
  • Advanced lead generation tools including newsletter subscribing, landing page creation and lead-capture forms to convert traffic into leads
  • New site leads are automatically added to your contact relationship manager module for easy tracking and follow-up
  • Blog publishing module allowing you to increase exposure via content marketing
  • Includes comprehensive state of the art content management system that provides maximum flexibility
  • Mobile-optimized newsletters
  • Visually customize your email via a WYSIWYG editor and include rich media
  • Smart fields allow you to include personalize each email with your recipients’ names
  • Seamless integration with your contact relationship manager
  • Email metrics show email opening, time and click-thru rates by recipient
  • Subscription opt-out feature allows you to stay compliant
  • Create, track and deploy marketing campaigns via project manager
  • Delegate all or parts of campaign tasks to other members of your team
  • Integrated to content libraries allow you to leverage content for publishing
  • Manage scheduling of emails, posts and blogs, creating campaigns weeks or months in advance
  • Integrates additional pre-approved content library: content pieces ready for execution without needing to wait for compliance approval unless edited
  • Creation and publishing of pre-approved social media and web posts
  • Blog and social media integration allowing you to post to all of your accounts and blog simultaneously
  • Intelligently designed for social media posts to drive traffic back to site where lead conversion occurs
  • Email and social media integration allowing you to post social notifications of distributed email newsletters
  • Archives content for web, social media and email activity
  • Easily searchable via filters and conditions
  • Electronically records all regulated activity removing the need for advisor/branch to keep individual records
  • Eliminates risk of user error between approved content and publishing/execution
  • Reduces need for compliance to monitor and approve on multiple publishing platforms
  • Flexible workflows settings allow to meet pre-approval and post-review policies.
  • Pre-created social media profile forms
  • Social media keyword monitoring lists
  • Review and release system for web management.
  • Web and social media permission customizable by user
  • Social media compliance dashboard for quick monitoring of flagged items