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The Trutelic, Inc. Recommended Day™ is a proven business productivity platform with proven advantages.

  1. Flexible to work across the organization based on your key priorities
  2. Integrates and works in tandem with existing technologies and best practices of your firm
  3. Offers Real-Time process performance and continuous improvement capabilities
  4. Can serve as a major competitive differentiator for firms competing for top talent and market share
  5. It's easy to support virtually with on-screen coaching and workflow capability

How do we drive results?

  • We get the product ready for the team quickly so you can start refining and driving results
  • Reducing your software management and integration expenses by over 40% per user
  • Up to 80% faster process times for support, marketing and compliance collaboration workflows
  • 90% reduction in uneccessary rework and waiting due to embedded analytics and coaching features
  • and much more...

The results will depend on what you need, our job is to keep it focused, affordable and valuable!