LEAN Digital Transformation

You've got lots of technology and work to coordinate— no problem!  The Trutelic, Inc. professional service offerings ensure you align the people, systems, data and processes around key performance indicators (KPIs)- All this to make sure your Recommended Day™ is genuinely moving the performance needle around key priorities!

No matter the industry or the practice area there are always complexities with making a Recommended Day™ possible.  We are experienced working with your team to ensure all the unique criteria and business objectives are met with minimal disruption to the day to day operation. No matter the business case, the Recommended Day™ is capable to deliver...

  • Revenue growth
  • Cost reductions 
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer lifetime value

or anything else that matters to you.

Trutelic, Inc. provides everything you need to ensure the Recommended Day™ delivers sustainable long-term results!

Click on a service below to see a highlight of the services you can get from the Trutelic, Inc. team...

Pilot & Installation

  • Current State - our team works with your key subject matter experts to conceptualize goals for Recommended Day™
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - we make sure to understand the key business goals and drive all product features to those endpoints
  • Legacy System and Best Practices - we integrate and leverage existing systems and best practices to gain efficiencies and cost savings
  • Strategic Process Testing - our system is designed to test processes to ensure the expected outcomes are met once deployed
  • Update Product - based on results of strategic process testing we work to update configurations, features and functionality to drive KPIs
  • Develop Coaching & Training Materials - based on feedback from subject matter experts and pilot teams we develop coaching and training resources
  • Deploy Product in Organization - using virtual delivery methods we launch the product to make the onboarding process easy for everyone

Coaching & Training

  • Opportunity Identification - to focus our team and the solution we work to identify the root cause of the performance issue
  • Process Improvement Objectives - working with the staff we define the best approach for managing the change
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - with feedback from management and staff we align on KPIs that will drive the desired change and results
  • Develop Resources - using a mix of printed and on-screen resources we develop the program that will educate the team
  • Pilot Program Delivery - we deliver the coaching program to selected end-users to get their feedback and validation
  • Modify Program with Feedback - based on the pilot program we update the resources to ensure optimal outcome of the work
  • Deploy Coaching and Training - we work in conjunction with your teams to deliver the program

Strategic Consulting- Reflective Innovation

  • Assess Current Level of Practice and Business Results - Our team works using the interface to assess current state
  • Analysis of Current Practice - we work remotely to analyze current practices and benchmark vs. industry best practices
  • Awareness of New Possibilities - considering mix of resources, technology and customer expectations we develop future state roadmap
  • Training and Technology - using systems and best practices we work with administrative and operational teams to install product
  • Coaching and Support - once development and configuration is done we work to coach organizational change
  • New Bahaviors and Skills - using the product we can work remotely to track new behaviors and adapt the product to new skills
  • Improved Skills and Business Practice- as the product is utilized the team will self-innovate and we will work to keep the product up to speed
  • Desired Level of Changed Practice and Business Success - We finalize the program and hand over the technology

Hosting and Support

  • Core Interface - we provide hosting and support for the product
  • Integrated Features - we will host, maintain and support the integrated features you utilize
  • API Maintenance - where API are needed to connect legacy systems we work with your IT group to maintain security and functionality
  • On-Screen Support- we offer on-screen support with a cutting edge workflow and coaching tool that makes it easy
  • Dedicated Support - we can work with dedicated support staff your on-site administrators can access as they need

Custom Development

We offer custom development and creative work to ensure the products and services your using are driving performance.  We work as needed to develop API to legacy systems to ensure the Recommended Day™ can be as comprehensive as you need it to be and also where you may be lacking in technology we have resources in-house to bridge the gaps.  Custom Development and creative work is discussed during the proposal process.