We make LEAN technologies to help you Innovate and Grow!
A single interface to manage work

Ability to manage daily, strategic and unplanned work in one place.

Connected Systems and Processes

All disparate systems and processes working in real-time, across silos.

Total control over performance

Organizational visibility and agility to drive top tier operating results

Trutelic, Inc. is your strategic partner delivering LEAN-based business technologies that drive your unique customer facing business strategies!


The Recommended Day™ Delivers Proven Results

Some of the results clients have achieved as a result of the Recommended Day™:

Compliance Control
Compliance workflow
Knowledge Management
Digital Marketing
Faster Team & Process
Compliance Processes
Content Publishing
FINRA Audit Response
Net Promoter Score
Co-Created Service Plan
Segmented Contacts
More Leads & Referrals
Reduction in Tech Expense
Reduced system licences
One integrated platform 
Flexible end user license

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